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The CP Experience

Casey Powell training sessions are a lot of things. It’s where you come to up your game, learn new skills and be around like-minded people who will become your biggest fans! It’s where you can be free to create, explore your lacrosse potential, and ultimately to be the best version of yourself. It’s more than a training session, it is an experience! And, it’s one that will last forever.

Areas of Focus

Positive Team Interaction  Footwork & Stick Handling  Getting Open

Ground Balls Odd Man Situations Shooting Passing and Receiving

Defense: Individual and Team Listening Skills Daily Competition 1-on-1 Moves and 2 Man Game

CP Clinic Includes

World Class Training

CP Agility Drills

Signature Stick Work

Shooting Demonstration

SPEED Lacrosse

Stick Progression

Ground Balls

Defense & Transitions