Capt. West: “Commander Galloway, why don’t you get yourself a cup of coffee.”

Galloway: “Thank you, sir, I’m fine.”

Capt. West: “Commander, I’d like you to leave the room so we can talk about you behind your back.”

Galloway: “Certainly, sir.”

Today is July 1st which marks the official beginning of NCAA Division I Lacrosse recruiting. Coach John Galloway have been strategizing since the wee hours of this morning. We’re targeting very specific players that we want to come down and help position Jacksonville as the next big program in lacrosse. Our goal is to dream big and compete at the highest level. We are looking for a few good men- quote from that movie.

Lt. Weinberg: “Why do you like them so much?”

Galloway: “Because they stand on a wall and say, “Nothing’s going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch.””

We want student athletes that are going to buy into our program from the beginning. We want them to buy into our mission of building a team that expects excellence from every single member on the roster. John and I really believe if we can keep the mindset pure that our game instincts and coaching guidance will produce some great results.

I’m currently traveling to Denver with the Executive Director of The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation, Heather Chase O’Neill. We will be supporting our CPWLF team which has qualified and will compete in the World Series of Youth Lacrosse.

Our 4th of July weekend is going to be action packed and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be coaching, appearing as a brand ambassador for Nissan and then a Mile High grand finale. I will be meeting up with my Florida Launch teammates to play the Official MLL 4th of July Game against the Denver Outlaws at Sports Authority field. I haven’t played there since being a member of the Colorado Mammoth but I tend to do well at high altitude at the epicenter of lacrosse growth in the U.S.A. on our nations birthday.

The so called “experts” picked Denver to win. We have different plans. #321LAUNCH