Divisions are co-ed; players may play up in their age division but not play down. Each team has a name and captain. Team captains are in charge of gathering information and payment for their team.

• Elementary: kindergarten – 5th

• Middle: 6th – 8th 

• High School

• Open: Ages 19-35

• Master: Ages 36-99


• 3V3 SPEED Lacrosse play; 4-5 players to a team. Players will need their stick and a mouthguard.

• 6-minute periods; win two out of 3 periods to win the match

• Pool play on Saturday, Single elimination bracket play on Sunday

• 4 matches guaranteed



Join us for a fun-filled family weekend of non-stop SPEED Lacrosse, rocking music, food, games, friends, sportsmanship and demonstrations. Pack your cooler and head out to the field! 


A SPEED Lacrosse Membership link will be emailed to everyone registering for the festival. The membership is included with the festival registration and must be filled out (ENFORCED!). Please fill out the the SPEED Lacrosse membership information online prior to the festival start date.


Teams must check-in during check-in time. All waivers must match your roster. (ENFORCED!) Waivers are to be filled out ONLINE with registration. (ENFORCED!) SPEED Lacrosse Membership must be filled out online at speedlacrosse.com (ENFORCED!)


Schedule may be modified if necessary due to inclement weather or poor field conditions. Teams are responsible for reporting for all make-up games as deemed by the festival director. Failure to make-up previously scheduled games is grounds for festival forfeiture.


Clear all fields due to hazardous conditions. Teams should report to their cars, or under cover off of the playing fields if lightning causes a stoppage in play. All fields will be cleared. Game-lengths may be modified if make up games are deemed necessary. Play will resume following one long, loud blast by the air horn.


Due to the nature of our events, NO REFUNDS are given.  Please review before registering.  Credit for events is given based on discretion event manager.  Contact us for information.


Siesta Key Beach • Sarasota, Florida  



Please refer to refund policy regarding weather questions. Schedule will be posted shortly. We will be using tourney app for your convenience. It will relay the schedule of the day to your phone.


6:30 – 8:30 pm – Opening Ceremony at the Farm, 49 Sinclair Drive, Sarasota, FL 


Let’s Get The Festival Started!

7:45-8:45 am – Check in near Siesta Key Public Beach Pavillion. Each player must check-in individually and then meet with your team. Pick up your swag bag. 

9 am – Opening Ceremony – Raffle and 50/50 Open

9:30 am – 3:00 pm – Festival Games

When your team is not playing please enjoy the spike ball, frisbees, beach balls and corn hole. It’s there for all to share. Of course take a swim in the waters. Please encourage all players to use the buddy system when swimming. Tell a parent and swim in front of the lifegaurd stands. Its all there to enjoy!! Please consider supporting The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation by purchasing a tournament tshirt, raffle tickets and 50/50. Please check out the SPEED Lacrosse Tent and learn about the sport and what it has to offer. 

3:30-4:30 pm Raffle and 50/50 Winners Announced

SPEED Lacrosse Exhibition Game featuring some of the World’s Best Players!


9:30 pm – 2:30 Festival Games

2:30 pm – Closing Ceremony and Awards

3:00 pm – Event Over


Email info@caseypowell.com for more information on sponsorship or vendor spots at the festival.

Title Sponsor: $5,000

Sponsor Table & Tent: $1,000

Banners/Signage: $500


Developed to exponentially raise lacrosse participation for both women and men, SPEED Lacrosse® significantly reduces barriers to entry and makes sampling lacrosse simple. SPEED Lacrosse® accelerates advanced lacrosse training and creates long-term player retention at all ages and skill tiers.

Instructions: • Team consists of 4 to 5 players: 3 players on the field at all times with 1 or 2 substitutes.
• Field is 40×20 yards.
Ball is 3 ounces. The official ball of Speed Lacrosse.
Goals 3.5ft x 3.5ft.
Teams devise their own uniforms. Can be as simple as the same color shirt.
Lacrosse sticks must be a minimum of 36″ no regulation on pocket depth. – No long poles or goalie sticks.
Players may wear hats, visors, or sunglasses at their own risk.
No cleats or spikes.
Players may choose to wear lightly padded football receiver gloves Athletic Supporter – Boys/Men are asked to wear protection.
• Each match is three 6-minute periods.
There is a two minute break between periods.
Only injury time-outs.
All substitute are on the fly.
Continuous clock at registration tent.
Each team will play a minimum of four games.
Players may play up in age division but not down.
There are no goalies and no coaches.
Tournament format will be determined based on the number of entries per division.
Players may only play on one team.
Team Manager or parent to help younger divisions get top appropriate courts. • Team reports score back to registration table after each game.
Respect your opponents and other players, parents and teams. “Honor the Game” on all levels.

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