Jay Bilas was a four year starter under Mike Krzyzewski for Duke basketball (1982-1986), he was drafted in the fifth round of the 1986 NBA draft by the Dallas Mavericks, a USA Basketball Team member in 1985, and an NCAA Final Four commentator. This is a great article discussing how fake toughness has no value. Toughness in sports is simply in the opponent that makes it toughest on you. Jay applies his article to basketball but as we know basketball is lacrosse without sticks, a bigger ball and a smaller goal.

Read Jay’s article on the importance of setting a good screen, setting up your cut, talking on defense, getting your hands up, diving on the floor, taking criticism the right way, showing strength in body language, being alert, concentrating on the game, looking your teammates in the eye and making your goal to get better every day.

Tough players hate losing but are not shaken by a loss. Tough players enjoy winning but are never satisfied.

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View Jay’s “Toughness” article here.