As a result of the pre-planning that is required for training, CP Lacrosse, LLC does not issue refunds. However, “CP Bucks” (a CP Lacrosse training/clinic/camp/festival credit) for a future CP Lacrosse training/clinic/camp may be given if there is a valid medical reason or family emergency. Please carefully consider when registering and paying for an event. All decisions are final.

Clinic/Camp/Festival Refund Policy

  • Write a detailed E-Mail to info@caseypowell.com explaining why the player was unable to participate.
  • If player is unable to participate due to a physical injury, please attach a valid medical document to the E-Mail. Please give CP Lacrosse, LLC 15 business days to review the request and reply via E-Mail.
  • Refunds will not be issued for partial attendance and discounts cannot retroactively be applied to a registration. Group registration must be completed within a week of the agreed upon date.
  • CP Lacrosse reserves the right to cancel, shorten, or reschedule Training/Clinic/Camp/Festival due to inclement weather, poor field conditions, or player and fan safety concerns. No refunds will be granted if these actions are necessary. Once training has begun, a credit will not be issued.
  • No credit/refund is offered for Event No-Shows. Cash refunds are not available.

Tournament Cancelation Policy Due to Inclement Weather

  • The tournament has fixed expenses relating to the field rental and facilities, staging and set-up costs, insurance, personnel and other matters regardless of cancellation due to weather. Accordingly, participants will not receive a full refund of the entry fee if the tournament is canceled.
  • Inclement Weather is out of the control of the festival directors and officials. In the event of thunder and/or lightning, all games will be suspended for no less than 20 minutes. Games will resume, in real time, at least 30 minutes after the last occurrence of thunder or lightning. Canceled games may not be rescheduled. If weather disrupts scheduled games, the tournament director will make every effort (and possesses the sole authority) to adjust the schedule as needed, including shortening games, adjusting the schedule, etc.It is up to the tournament director and officials to decide if the field and weather conditions are suitable for games to resume. All decisions are final.
  • Park advisors, not tournament organizers, have final say on whether the tournament will take place due to weather conditions.
  • There are no exceptions to the refund policy. Please be advised that there are no rain dates.

Tournament Refund Policy

Refund before a tournament begins:

  • A partial refund (50% of the tournament fee) will be made only if the Refund Request is received in the office thirty (30) days prior to the tournament date and it does not reduce the participation level below the required minimum.
  • No refunds will be issued within thirty (30) days of the tournament date.

Messages Regarding Weather

  • All communications will take place via the Tourney Machine app, LeagueApps, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  No other sources will provide playing or field updates. Updates will also be given through e-mail to team directors.

In the event of RAIN:

  • In the event of rain, play will continue unless halted by the directors OR if the fields become so wet as to present a serious potential of injury to players or of lasting damage to the fields. The festival directors reserve the right to reschedule games in event a field becomes unplayable due to excessive standing water or deterioration. 

In the event of LIGHTNING:

  • In the event of lightning, the fields must be cleared. 
  • Upon the suspension of play, teams MUST take shelter in their vehicles – do not leave the site and do not go to the tournament tent or gazebos for shelter.
  • Play will be suspended for no less than 20 minutes after the last lightning strike is detected.
  • Detecting of lightning will include, but not be limited to, the lightning prediction and and warning systems at each invidivual park, visual confirmation by directors, referees or coaches. Three long air blasts from the field directors can also signal for all participants to leave the field and go to their cars.
  • If the lightning alert system at each individual park sounds with a single horn, all players, personnel and parents must follow the above procedures Individuals cannot be outside and may be asked to leave the field by the directors. 
  • When a probability of lightning is detected all fields MUST be cleared. When a threat is no longer detected, the horn will sound three short blasts. It is then safe to return to the fields and resume play.
  • As soon as the horn sounds all games will be immediately stopped. Players, officials and spectators must leave the fields and seek a shelter for the duration of the threat in their cars due to limited shelter. We are not responsible for your safety.